Ride bikes, drink beer, go do your laundry.

I love love.

After spending the last few days in the mountains drinking my weight in beer, riding the mountain bikecycles, swimming in rivers, and most importantly being witness to these two crazy kids getting hitched, I’m refreshed and with tales to tell. But they’ll have to wait, cause I’m super tired.

I’ll have some of the junk sorted out by Wednesday.

I almost can promise that you’ll love loving it.

My absence is explainable.

photo taken by Dr. E.O. Kinevil.
In celebration of the birth of the mom (left), and Fathers Day of the dad (right), and the 50th wedding anniversary of them both (left and right), I buggered off to the Northland and as such, no post for today has been written.

If you must blame anything, blame my absolutely Rockwell-esque upbringing.

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