Open your grasp and say “whhaaa!?”

Hello there denizens of filth. Let us open our hands to the sky and catch what’s coming to us.

The first order of business is due to what I can only surmise as the Black Market readership being primarily comprised of stoners. A number of people contacted me upon the general delivery of the new kits asking how they could get one. I explained as nicely as possible that that ship had sailed and perhaps next time they should put down the bong.
It occurred to me that it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to twist Voler’s arm into opening a second order window, so that’s what has happened.
Once again, the price breakdown looks like this;
*NEW* $55.00 for a short sleeved BMX jersey
*NEW* $60.00 for a long sleeved BMX jersey
$70.00 for a short sleeved jersey (club and race raglan)
$65.00 for a vest
$107.00 for a short sleeved skinsuit
$78.00 for a men’s or women’s short
$88.00 for a men’s or women’s bib
$90.00 for a long sleeved jersey (club and race raglan)
$90.00 for a jacket
$127.00 for a long sleeved skinsuit
$35.00 for arm warmers (one red, one grey)
You wanna know how you get these? Go here, log in, place the order, pour yourself a glass of juice, cheers your dog’s or cat’s collar, step on safe with the knowledge that you are soon gonna be way more good looking.
The second order of business is the conclusion of a year’s worth of jibber jabber between Terry from Doma Coffee and myself.
You see, Terry has long been a supporter of this site, as well as Swobo, back when I was mucking about there.
At some point he proposed the idea of doing a custom All Hail The Black Market blend, the idea of which I was a big fan, but things like that are easily put on the back burner when faced with the day to day challenges of managing a business when you have no idea what you’re doing.
Long story short, over the months Doma sent me a selection of various beans and roasts and we settled on the one I liked the best. For the nerds in the bunch, this is a fair-trade four bean blend from Mexico, Honduras, Peru and Brazil, and is damn tasty if I do say so;
If by chance, you would like to get in on some of this yourself, alls you have to do is go here.
And yes, while I realize the price seems a bit steep for a pound of coffee, let me reiterate that the shipping is included, and for a quality bean such as this, it’s an average price.
Unless we’re talking about Kopi Luwak.
One thing I can guarantee about this blend is that it was never plucked from a cat’s turd, which of course can be arranged. It’s just gonna be one from this guy;
He stares holes into your souls.
Now that we are four days deep into the newest of new years and I have yet to include a top ten list of anything (I wanted to compile a top ten list of top ten lists but immediately got distracted by my fingers) and after looking though my pictures to find the above photo, I was inspired to fill some space with ten (or twenty one) of my favorite photos that I had taken this year. At the risk of being somewhat self congratulatory, and in no particular order they are the following;
Friendly Paul and Abe Rothnothagarenstein;
The shop of one Josh Muir;
Friendly Paul making Marin’s Boy Scout Camp his bitch;
Mary-Anne Hunter smiling and profiling;
The two sides of Reidy;
Cheever doing something besides being a drunken ass;
My handsome baby with custom kickstand;
Tina B’s bandage puppet taking on a sip;
Rick Hunter getting ghosty;
In the wake of destruction;
Captain Sportypants and I postpone our race’s finish to continue building our wizard staffs;
TBO in the zone;
One of my favorite places to meditate;
Ian on the spine;
Mike Kinevil enjoys a beer in a field;
Dan and Zoe came for a visit;
Blacksocks handling business;
Demonika and bubbles;
Bab and Mac;
And last but not least, watching the world end;
There are a bunch more, but you know… My fingers started wiggling around and I got sidetracked.
Ooohh.. I know. How about a top ten most favorite drunken photoshop projects?
These too are listed in no particular order;
There was the sexy Walter Cronkite image;
Awesome gimp dog got awesomer;
Joe Parkin had nice hair;
Newt racing with what’s important;
Jens Voight and Jody Foster have more in common than one might guess;
Andre The Giant has some socks;
Jmac as Frog;
Steve’s got class;
And so does Hurl;
It looks like I petered out at nine, and I even had to dip into some things I did in 2010. That’s a shame. I have to try harder this year.
Back to business, the curmudgeons from SOPWAMTOS (Society Of People Who Make Their Own Shit, donchaknow?) are back in the fray, and have recently penned a rebuttal to folks who in response to this post, had apparently accused them of being Xenophobes.
Until I read the piece I had though Xenophobia was the fear of xylophones, which as it turns out is Xylophobia.
Go figure.
On that note, with the conclusion of this post we’ve caught the proverbial ugly naked guy falling from the sky.
Now I’d recommend we all go wash our hands.

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5 Responses to “Open your grasp and say “whhaaa!?””

  1. Pistil Pete January 4, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    Uh,I always thought Hurl was taller’n that…

  2. Randy Salamon January 4, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    Oh gee, I can’t wait for my sexiness to increase with the arrival of my new kit.

  3. hugapotato January 5, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    There’s at least two Rapha™ jerseys in this post. Did you recently lose a bet, or miss a tattoo appointment?

  4. Stevil January 5, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Perhaps you mistake me for someone who has a beef with said brand. I do not.

  5. 333 January 11, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

    2010 shall be missed