Until we meet again.

I found the above video while squinting in an attempt to read the site from which it came, proving that bikecycle riders will nerd out over their heros doing absolutely anything.

By the time you read today’s post, I will be standing at my door with bags packed, looking forward to witnessing that which I’ve only ever seen on the internets and television. No, I don’t mean I’m heading to Hollywood to see a live taping of ‘How I Met Your Mother‘, Or ‘Two And A Half Men‘, primarily because I’ve never watched a single episode of either due to the fact they’re horrible. Naturally, that to which I’m referring is the 2013 Worlds Cyclocrosscycling Championships;

A number of people to whom I’ve spoken about the matter said they wouldn’t be attending this year’s race simply because they’re not participating in it, which left me scratching my head, and most recently warranted the apt response from JMac when he said “that’s like saying you’re not going to the Superbowl because you’re not playing in the game.

From my perspective however, I wouldn’t go to the Superbowl simply because I don’t care for football.

Anyway, perhaps being that people won’t be competing in the elite races, and thus won’t be able to flood the internet with photos of themselves doing so the following Monday is a good enough reason not to attend for some folks, but for my part, I can’t dare miss it, because the chances that I’ll be in Holland next year (or that it will ever come stateside again) are slim at best, so I have to take the opportunity to attend while I can.

I will make a committed attempt to document every smidge of the weekend to the very best of my abilities, which is to say that come February sixth, I will have an entire post dedicated to blurry recollections and many action packed photos of the back of people’s heads. Of that I can almost promise.

But enough of that. We still have a day’s worth of post to burn, so let’s get right down to business with a most fantastic clip that was sent to me on Monday from one Sean T;


TDBT is our new XC Team in Los Angeles! Here is the debut commercial…

Keep up the radness.

Sean T

There isn’t a single second of that video that I don’t adore and I can’t thank Sean enough for sending it along. If you find that you would like one of their caps, or any of TDBT’s other fine wares*, all you have to do is head over here. (*Cute little snuggly dogs sold separately.)

And speaking of threads which were tailor made for the rad-getting, I’m once again flush with medium and large AHTBM/Hodala Wizard Staff arm warmers, but like last time, they are sure to be gone quickly, so place your order now;
They are guaranteed to make your nipples look amazing.

And while we’re on the topic of amazing nipples, my dear friend Amigo number three has a pair that, that along with the rest of him just turned forty years old this past weekend. To honor the date, I crushed what was left of my liver, but in the process took a photo of a pretty amazing gift that StayCee Cooper arted up for him;
It is indeed a crafty bunch that resides there in the Golden State’s capital and I’m proud to be considered one of their own.

Another character who lives to hold the world by its short hairs goes by the name of Lindsay Gauld, and has very nearly almost accomplished the impossible. Luckily Matt got in touch with a heads up and an invitation;

1000000 metric miles. We’re heading out to celebrate and all are welcome!

That’s what my dad would call ‘a damn far piece‘, and makes the five miles I rode to the store today seem like almost nothing.

If you are in reasonable proximity to roll through to slap Lindsay a high five, give him an extra one for me. I mean, it’s not like you’ll have to ride a million kilometers to get there.

It is with that, that I will sign off and resume standing by the door next to my bag in continued anticipation.

So until we meet again, rest assured that I will be working hard to document the undocumentable, and also that (and this will only make sense if you watched the video at the top of today’s post in its entirety), the Belgish are most likely eating sandwiches.

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8 Responses to “Until we meet again.”

  1. Benitosbro January 30, 2013 at 6:58 am #

    I wish I could say I was heading to the same destination, but my compatriots backed out on me at what appears to be the eleventh hour. Plan B is to up the intake enough at home, that when I stumble out into the backyard and shitty winter weather it’s almost like I’m there. Or standing in dog turds.

  2. Mic January 30, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    That dog rules. I’m talking small island nation.

  3. pedalman January 30, 2013 at 7:30 am #

    My good friend Jon C. from Moots is going to be racing in Louisville. He’s a fine example of a true masters racer i.e. 1- he’s not a pro athlete racing in the amateur class to rack up victories. 2- he’s not all jacked up on testoserone and roids. 3- he still rocks canti’s! Unfortunately I can’t be there to cheer him on and make the noise myself so I wanted to ask a favor. Stevil if you could somehow find time in your busy schedule to watch the masters 45+ race and spray some beer on Jon for me I would be deeply indepted to you. I might even buy some arm warmers. Thanks and have a great time.
    p.s. I’m probably gonna buy the armwarmers either way.

  4. Brian January 30, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    I’m a sucker for anything with dogs and mtb’s.

  5. HW Thrasher January 30, 2013 at 8:18 am #

    please Ruin The Race for as many people as possible. TIA~

  6. Virgil_MF_Rufus January 30, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    Stevil that dog’s name is Yeti. He hangs out at Orange 20 or Golden Saddle Cyclery. He freaking rules. When I worked for a company that sold to Orange 20 I would make a point of delivering the product myself to see Iggy, Hearn, and Yeti. They all ruled.

    • erin February 1, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

      yeti now works at Velo Love (inside Swrve world headquarters) if anyone cares to visit her.

  7. Chase January 30, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    I look foward to the Potential OTB section photos and of those navigating them peace