While you’re reading this, I’m punching a clock.


As I noted on Monday, I’ve returned to the salt mines and am temporarily turning wrenches (among other duties) at Montano Velo.

So while you’re all snuggly in your hangover sack, or whatever it is you wear while reading this *daily claptrap, I am in the trenches with the proletariat.

Feel free to stop by to say hello.

That nonsense aside, it’s time for us to get down to business.

With all the chaos of Cross Nationals behind us, I came across two very important and somewhat relating pieces to share.

The first being this little piece about local homies Emily Kachorek and Chris Namba;

Chris I don’t know, but Emily and I have bumped into one another here and there, and simply based on the whole Squid steez, I have to give them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Secondly is an image I found on the Chris King Buzz;
Which naturally I had to give the old ‘how do you do’ to;
And then just for the sake of both the shits, as well as the giggles, took it to a different place all together;
Whoever that fellow is, I hope I’ve made him proud.

As far as the big shows go though- Much respect to Katie Compton who’s now won a thousand more Nationals’ titles than I have;
And JPow! who punched the event right square between the eyes;
While people were glued to their Twitters, and Facebooks and whatnot getting the blow by blow drama in Austin, I skedaddled out into the woods with one of my favorite skateboarders who’s become a cyclist.

Royce then;
royce 2 - Version 2
And Royce now;
For those who follow along with my Instagram feed, you’ve noted that I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent featuring skateboarders who have found their way to cycling, which as it turns out is a lot.

All of this has been ruminating in my brain for years, but it wasn’t until I wrote this post that things came a bit more into focus.

I don’t know what will become of the whole #SkateboardersWhoBecomeCyclists theme. Maybe something, or maybe nothing, but I’m enjoying the ride and certainly if you, dear reader would like to contribute, feel free to stink up my inbox with action shots.

stevil(at)allhailtheblackmarket(dot)com is the fast track.

Now moving on to other topics, I got a beauty of an email from everybody’s Buddy, Jason Britton, which will set even the coldest hearts a’melting;


It seems like I only email you when I need or want something. And today is no different. Remember when I came through last June and we rode bikes and ate roasted goat leg, and had an old fashioned great time? We chatted a bit about this, a bit about that, and then some other things. It was splendid.

I gave you a bb gun with the logo of my company Limberlost;
Since that day we’ve been getting ready to launch our thing full steam and I’m happy to say it’s happening this coming Monday. I’m hoping we can win your support and a little time on the ol’ site there.

Over the last two years, a couple friends and I have been not-so-secretly building a business based on taking people on crazy bicycle adventures in Oregon. We have been riding, camping, and exploring this great State and have launched, what we think, are three excellent examples of how to properly get lost in Oregon.

We have three different trips running this year, The Oakridge Weekender, the Oregon Outback and the Three Sisters & Three Rivers. They range from a weekend of shuttle assisted mountain biking, a dirt traverse across Oregon, and an 8 day epic point-to-point tour that covers more trail systems and terrain than you think is even possible.

Our trips can be viewed and booked at limberlost.co. We can also be reached at hello(at)limberlost(dot)co to field the inevitable questions about why it costs so much, who the hell we are, and why people can’t just go and do this themselves. (That last section might not be palatable…)

Maybe we can get you up here for one of these trips this summer. As you know, Oregon in July is pretty damn near hard to dismiss. It’s like heaven.

Stay young,


As I replied to Jason, as long as the trip in no way, shape, or form resembled the absolutely stunning death march I did with Yonder Journal, I would be down, because like Roger Murtaugh, and so many others have so eloquently stated;

What I’m not too old for is swimming holes, canned beer and miles of dream-like singletrack.

Fingers crossed that I can get something cooking with Limberlost, and have a proper style vacation.

You know… That is if my new boss will see his way to giving me the time off.

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8 Responses to “While you’re reading this, I’m punching a clock.”

  1. Largo January 14, 2015 at 6:25 am #

    I hope I never get too old to enjoy that. Amen.

  2. spokejunky January 14, 2015 at 8:17 am #

    And that, my friends, is how you introduce the Didgeridoo into a Kiss reference. Well played.

  3. Sean January 14, 2015 at 8:17 am #

    Awesome post, I was bummed to hear that the junior womens races in atx got lumped in with the 17-18 mens race and all but a few teenage lady racers were lapped and pulled. I guess usac is better at excluding women than you after all

  4. trama January 14, 2015 at 12:32 pm #

    Technical (serious) Question: What do you do with the dead elk/moose/whatever after you have hit it along with some sweet singletrack?

    • Ben January 14, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

      Clearly fire up the grill immediately.

  5. Bill January 15, 2015 at 6:10 pm #

    “This “daily” claptrap”? You lazy bastard. I love you anyways.

    • Stevil January 15, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

      *I should have said “thrice weekly”, but that actually only just now came to me.

  6. Teamfubar January 16, 2015 at 5:47 am #

    I highly disappointed that you didn’t turn the “fence post” in that picture into a Wizard Staff. Since I don’t have any fotoswap skills, I’ll leave it to your imagination and/or abilities.