All knees, all the time.


Because my current condition is preoccupying my mind with all things (ahem) joint related, it should come as no surprise that when scanning FBM’s Twitter feed on Monday, I happened to immediately come across this clip about at least one of said body parts belonging to Mat Hoffman;

Not that there was ever any doubt that the dude is absolutely batshit crazy;
But just in case, that clip pretty well confirms it.

As far as my own condition goes however, as you read this, (assuming you’re reading it in the morning part of today), I’ll hopefully be jammed into an MRI machine which will offer me my official diagnosis.

Whether or not I’ll be traveling to Canada to get a hole drilled into my knee remains to be seen.

Either way, I do appreciate the outpouring of well wishes, and I thank everyone who has sent them on for their time.

Aside from falling into sagas of bionic people, I have taken some time to find examples of people who make art that doesn’t suck, Pat Perry very much being just such a soul;
Just as I declared in this post, not only am I a huge fan of artist’s studios, but for the same reasons given, I’m also a huge fan of artist’s sketchbooks, (which like Chris McNally), Pat clearly has a mastery of.

While spending time in a lying down type of pose, (Yogis call it ‘dead flower’) I’ve had ample time with which to focus on my own book of sketches, though even the best I’ve completed pale in comparison to the above examples.

Besides making this declaration;
I’ve also made a commitment to resume carrying a sketchbook with me and instead of resorting to handheld computer dorkery to pass the time, I’ll do so with a pencil and paper;
sketch things
I carried sketchbooks with me for years, and it was a thing a former teacher encouraged me to do from a very young age. It teaches one not only discipline (of which I am sorely lacking these days), but to simply practice the translation of what one sees to their hand, which effectively is all making art is.

Some people are naturally adept at it, and some people have to work at it, but I contend that anyone with a brain can do it.

…Even me.

Finally, in news regarding folks who reside in the distinguished environs of the Maximo Supremo section of the site, I have long been sitting on the following clip from the fine folks at Motofish Coffee;

Not only do they host tiny, and apparently marginally boring dance parties in their Mog, but I got a very kind offering from them in the mail just a few days ago;
One thing, when it comes to beans, I’m a huge fan of anything that’s not Starbucks, and secondly, I’ve long been ion the hunt for a perfect travel mug, but so far I’ve not ever found a thing that perfectly check all my boxes in terms of what one is.

That is until this number landed in my lap. Basically all I want from a travel mug is for it not to spill when you don’t want it to, for it not to blow coffee all over you when you would actually like a drink, and most importantly, for it to have a lid that you can take apart in order to clean all the funk out between uses.

This one has all those three features;
I wouldn’t think that these three aspects were all that complicated, but based on my extensive collection of travel mugs that fail in one or three of said qualities, I suppose it might actually be. Or maybe it’s just user error.

Really though, I’m not just blowing smoke, but I really do think Stanley killed it with this design, and I humbly thank Motofish for sharing their wares with me.

As it stands, they’ll have to accept a raincheck for a thanks upon bended knee.

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5 Responses to “All knees, all the time.”

  1. MM March 18, 2015 at 5:33 am #

    If you have Fusion TV on your cable, check out their hour-long doc on Mat. Really well done, and truly shows that pretty much all “big air” sports owe their existence to him.

  2. Matt March 18, 2015 at 8:04 am #

    I don’t work for Stanley, but I do carry a coffee cup most of my waking life, I would agree that that mug is the best. You should know that they make the same cup in a bottle cage compatible model also. Makes chilly rides more awesome.

  3. Largo March 18, 2015 at 11:21 am #

    Stanleyness. I’d say Hoffman is chock full of Stanleyness.

  4. reverend dick March 18, 2015 at 5:08 pm #

    The middle girl in the title photo has got it going on! Please respond with the Steve Buscemi cock thumb.

  5. Timo March 22, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

    Stevil, you did it for me when I broke my skull in two. It’s only right that I return the favor. Speedy recovery, dude. The dirt misses you. I heard it loud and clear just today, as a matter of fact! Just remember: if it doesn’t hurt, you’re not having fun. If it does hurt, that means you’re doing it right. Full speed ahead. After all, a little pain never hurt anybody. Most people avoid pain at all costs. Well, their loss. You’ll do things they only dream about, and will look upon you with awe! I know I certainly do!

    Half-assed update on my brain – turns out my brain was fine the whole time. I suffered motion sickness and nausea for 4 years, 24/7, fed with that juice Astana uses to give them that extra edge in power. I remember telling my wife that if feeling like that was the end all be all of living for another 40 years, I’d rather not. That bad, indeed. Well, I finally went into see another neurologist, who’d looked at my records and said point blank that there wasn’t anything more he could offer. Hearing that, I asked about Sydney Crosby and his treatment for his concussion. He looked at me, and recommended me to an orthopedic physical therapist who diagnosed the problem in 10 fucking minutes! It was my Alar ligament that connects my skull to my cervical spine, and it’s stretched, meaning that my brainstem has too much slack as it sits down inside C1, C2, and C3. This sucker is inside the vertebrae, meaning that any surgery to shorten that ligament, or string a new one through, is impossible, even without any anesthesia. But, knowing that has changed my world. Oddly enough, looking up is a big-time trigger. Swimming is flat out. Even sometimes on the bike I look up toward the horizon and start to feel like throwing up. I look back down again, and everything turns out OK. Put in a very good 50 today. But that’s my whole point. Injuries are not the end of the world. If you find that you can’t do something in the same way you always used to do it, then change tactics until you find some way to do it that works.

    And i’ll just throw this out there as an offer, should you decide to go through with it. If you need some help, i’ll hold the drill.

    Best of luck, and get back on the bike. And skateboards. And the sit-n-spin.