” Because you can’t fill a hole with holes.” -Me.


So far this week has been absolutely chock-full of quotable quotes be a couple of our time’s greatest men.

Starting things off right, I’ll note that a few weeks ago, or a months ago, or five weeks ago Levi from Yawp Cyclery sent me an email that said something like “Hey, we’re gonna have a big shop bikepacking thing and here’s a flyer and maybe you could post it, blablabla“, (I’m paraphrasing), and then he sent me this flyer;
All of this occured right around of the time that the Interbike show happened, and I’ll be damned if the entire shebang didn’t slip right through the proverbial cracks.

What a total dick I am.

Luckily Levi not only forgave me, but he sent on their very own blog post about the adventure, which can be found here, which has a lot of photos of attractive people having fun like so;
And doing one of the top five things I enjoy more than anything else in the world;
(The other four involve being naked and/or doing cocaine).

Anyway, to Levi and his fellow Yawppers, I apologize. It doesn’t seem to have slowed the good times down at all though.

In news of timely posted info however, I got a heads up from the lovely and talented Jocelyn over at Portland Design Works regarding their very next trail work day;


Tell your people to tell their people to meet us on Saturday October 17th and help us build access for Seattle’s first forested mountain bike trails;
We’ll have coffee and donuts in the am and a big BBQ at noon. More info can be found here.



Three points I would like to make about this are as follow-

One: The PDW trail days look to be a really satisfying and enjoyable thing;

Two: Dog bless PDW for putting their money where their mouths are. I swear if every company in the industry put in even half as much effort into trail maintenance as PDW does, we’d have a great deal more healthy trails networks to go around, and by extension, I’d say a bit more good will with other user groups.

And three: Judging by the number of years I’ve heard gripes, complaints, and general bitching regarding the lack of accessible trails in Seattle, if every single person in the entire city who rides a mountain bike doesn’t show up to help cut some trail, you deserve to forever be locked in traffic, en route to whichever hour-away destination you’ve chosen.

And because it’s a Portland company coming to help develop trails in your city, you might have to stash away tour FPDX shirts for eternity, and I know you don’t wanna do that;
Like I noted in The Twitters the other day, either show up or shut up.

Finally in closing, and only related to riding the mountain bikes in as far as bike lanes being like urban single track is concerned, comes the following story that I snagged from The Bike Snob.

Apparently this guy pictured here;
is suing UPS for blocking bike lanes.

All hail thee, the numbest of nuts.

I get why people think bike riders are a bunch of twats. Between this wingnut, and now Captain Sue-A-Lot up there, I’m beginning to not like cyclists.

Yeah, I get it. It’s a drag when a delivery driver parks in a bike lane, but because the world isn’t a perfect place, and no amount of lawsuits are going to make it so, drivers sometimes have nowhere else to park, so you can do what legions of cyclists have done for decades before you and simply ride around the truck.

It’s not ideal, and to do so you actually have to know how to ride a bike, but for now it’s what we’ve got, and no amount of cyclists’ bizarro sense of entitlement is going to change things.

Besides, and secondary to all of this, I’ve always been of the general opinion that folks who are committed to filing excessive frivolous lawsuits are assholes.

Maybe you can’t fill a hole with more holes, but filling a hole with a-holes which in this case is certainly a good start.

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5 Responses to “” Because you can’t fill a hole with holes.” -Me.”

  1. Largo October 7, 2015 at 6:28 am #

    Speaking for myself, I love bikes, but I hate cyclists (generally speaking).

  2. Randy October 7, 2015 at 8:15 am #

    FPXD…..in the mouth hole

    • Randy October 7, 2015 at 8:17 am #

      and dyslexia….

  3. Sally October 7, 2015 at 9:36 am #


    • Dpow October 12, 2015 at 3:14 pm #

      But I mean, we’ll probably see you there right?