Sinliness is close to oddliness.


Welcome back once again, bothers and sisters, to our holy house on the hill. Today, as always, I stand before you naked to the world, save for the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. It is my duty to spread The Word as honestly as I can, so help me, I too am but a man with a heart filled with lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

Just so I can get back to those things as quickly as I can, let’s knock out today’s post in short order.

Firstly, Brian got in touch with an eBay listing that is so epic, I had to make screen shots of it just in case it ever goes away.

Don’t forget- clicky makes biggie;

My stars, is that a splendid bikecycle;
It only stands to reason that a ridiculously amazing listing should be associated with it.

You never know what kind of goods you might find in that virtual marketplace, though for every item, you can bet there’s someone with a desire and pockets deep enough to pay for it.

Case in point-A dirty Fluid shirt going for the low, low price of $300.00;
the fluid

Folks who might be new to these parts perhaps don’t know that as a young fella growing up on Colorado’s Front Range, The Fluid were and continue to be one of my favorites;
subpop_thefluid2 (1)
Sadly, in 2011 guitarist and founding member Ricky Kulwicki passed away, and the amps were turned off from that point forward.

Though in an exciting turn of events (totally depending on your perspective), a little label called Blitzkrieg Records released a 7″, the sales from which go to Ricky’s memorial fund, and helps his beloved twin boys with living expenses;
This 7″ features the songs ‘Cold Outside’ and ‘Tell Me Things’. Both were recorded during the ‘Clear Black Paper’ Sessions, however ‘Tell Me Things’ only appeared on the German release, making this the first US release of this song.

Of course most folks don’t have the German release, unless you’re like me, which is to say you’re a total dork;
I had a devil of a time finding out how I could purchase one of these, or for that matter if they were even still available. Luckily I found that the answer to both queries was yes, and I shot off $8.50 for a copy of my own.

If by chance, you’d like to get one of these for yourself, contact Blitzkrieg though their Facebook page.

Finally in closing, we have another contact from the right reverend Paul of Atomic Cycles, who lives as he preaches, and what he preaches is good;

Hello fellow SCUMBAG,

We have an exciting weekend planned for the 3rd and 4th of July.

On the 3rd we have Coaster Brake Challenge 16 heat #1, more info for that can be found at the Atomic Cycles site;
cbc16 (2)
The next day for the 4th of July, we’re going to ascend SCUMBAG Point in the Verdugo Mountains. This is a MTB ride of medium difficulty.

Meet at the corner of Glenoaks and Olive by the gas station in Burbank at 7:30 am we roll at 8:00 am.

After the ride we will re-locate to Paul’s house where we will begin eating nitrate filled meat tubes (I’ll make my rad humus for non-meat eating types) and most of you will be drinking of the beer, for this I have a keg I will provide. Food stuffs will be had for free too, if you want to bring something that is welcomed but not expected.

Once people are sufficiently sloshed, worn out, sun burned etc and the sun begins to peak below the horizon we will begin Deth-Moto II;
dethmotoIIweb (1)
Deth-Moto rules are simple:

You die. Or,
The bike dies.

Last one left is the winner.

30 second down time is equal to an out.

RSVP me for my address as I don’t want the whole world showing up to my house- A mess of friends would be nice though. Feel free to spread it around if you’d like as I can’t get a hold of everyone I know. 🙂 See you then!!

Paul de Valera Gamers Local 2112

So for parishioners of the pedal in the southland, you have your orders from the top.

Just remember- in the words of Reverend Harry Powell “salvation is a last-minute business, boy.”

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