Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Friday.


I was planning on coming in here like gangbusters today, and write a post detailing this past week that was gonna blow at least three minds.

Then I kinda lost motivation, and then I got a whopper of a later summer cold, which has me totally out of gas. (As a natter of fact, I had four consecutive end-times dreams back to back last night. That should give you some idea of where my head is at.)

And here I am with no bag of uppers in sight.

The short version (as I detailed on Friday) is that my dad came into town and we met up for a journey into the mountains. I had an array of ideas and adventures I was going to try and implement but mostly we just sat by the river/camp fire drinking beer and shooting BB guns;
I was quite looking forward to documenting the hell out of it as well, with my fancy, fancy new camera;
But both the primary and secondly batteries crapped out immediately.

And that actually inspired the following joke.

Q) What do you call a bike blog douchebag (same diff) with no camera?

A) A regular douchebag.

It might need some polishing, but I think I might have some good meat on that proverbial bone.

Now, because I have a head, and chest full of the kind of toxic phlegm that is the consistency of two parts hitch grease and one part clay, I will run down the list of maters that don’t, and then return to my coffin.

Firstly, I will be the first to acknowledge that we are well overdue on the return of the last two shirt of the month offerings;
And for this I am very sorry. There is no one to blame but me, and the screen printer, and those whose orders with said screen printer took precedents over ours, and probably you, for placing an order to begin with.

That said, as you read this, (as long as you’re reading this on Monday morning, and I was lying about returning to my coffin), I’m in the process of heading out to the screen printer to pick up the shirts (by bike), after which time I will bring them home, stuff envelopes, and take them to the post office (also by bike).

At that point, all we’ll have to worry about is the current shirt;
If you’d like one of those, order one up for yourself and I’ll get it off lickety-damn-split.

Or whenever I get them from the printer.

In other news that you can most likely live without, it was just a week and a half ago that I penned this post about music, bikes, and more music.

It was also in that post when I made the official announcement for this year’s Underbike Industry Mixer, and it is one I’m real excited for;
The unofficial theme is ‘The Black and Blue Ball’, because if you don’t arrived bruised, you most likely will be upon your departure, after being treated to the great big rock and roll sounds of Who Rides The Tiger;

“I might as well keep on chugging” indeed.

Oof… With HiFi Components, and VYNL Race Bikes by my side, it’s gonna be a heavy one.

So skip out and buy a black and blue ensemble for yourself, and we’ll reconvene in a month’s time;

Though it has no blue in the color scheme, Brad from Analog Forest got in touch with some information about a joint project we did which might be of interest to someone;


We have a literal handful of Derby Smocks available for immediate shipment if ya want to post up on the site or something;

Get one, or don’t. I’m not sure when they’ll be available again, but I gotta say it’s become my go-to for all various off road adventures.

And continuing on with the topic of clothing, in closing I’ll include a correspondence from Emily of Squid Bikes regarding some very exciting developments in her camp;

Hey Stevil!

Squid has some new stretchy clothes for bicycling that we are pushing this week. For the last few years we have been attempting to gradually chip away at some of the cycling clothing conventions, in our own haphazard way. Mostly trying to include more art, less logos, and excessive amounts of color. Meanwhile, some of our old cycling friends have started a clothing company called Eliel that makes really nice US made apparel down in San Diego.

We got together with them, and against all reasonable judgement they let us do whatever we wanted with a new line of clothing. It’s all based on a separates idea, without matching tops and bottoms, and art from local graffiti shops and other Sacramento collaborators;
Anyways, we are hoping that we sell a bunch of it so that we can keep adding to the line in the future. Presales on this stuff ends on August 16th.


Because I was gone last week, Emily’s email comes to this forum a bit late, and for those of you who are like me and keep a gigantic wall calendar right next to your desk that you generally ignore, tomorrow is the 16th, so if you’d like to get in on a pre-order, make it happen right nowsville.

You might not look as good in your kit as Emily and her squad does, but when you roll with Squid, every day is Friday.

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