Standing alone.

standing alone

Sure, when writing another stand alone post I could have gotten a dramatic photo of a man or a woman, standing by themselves on a hillside or a barren beach, but a ninja squirrel seemed somehow more appropriate.

So yes, another stand alone post. “Is he running out of material, or fumes, or meth amphetamine, or whatever it is that would compel someone to write three posts a week about absolutely nothing?” maybe you’re asking yourself.

The answer to that question is very simply probably.

A slightly longer answer however is that I’ve had two primary topics to address this week that I felt needed my full attention.

The first of course being the Underbike fund raiser plea, and this one is strictly to announce this evening’s show of Bernie McGinn photos, my relationship to whom I will once again describe thusly;

It was November of 1984 when I saw that month’s issue of Thrasher Magazine, and in it, this subscription ad. Five years later I saw photos in Homeboy Magazine shot by a fellow also named Bernie. A few years after that I became familiar with a record label out of Lincoln, Nebraska called Caufield Records, who as it turned out released music by the bands of several friends of mine. The person behind the label was the same person who I’d seen depicted in Thrasher, and whose images I’d become familiar with in Homeboy. Some thirty years after first seeing the photo of him in that issue of Thrasher, the real, live Bernie McGinn and I finally became personally aquatinted with one another. About this time I asked him if he still had all his old negatives, which he said he did. So for the better part of the last year he’s been sorting through them, and picking out the cream of the crop for a show we’re having for him at NWVSF in October. I’ve called him the working man’s Glen E. Friedman. His never before seen images of legendary skateboarders and punk rock shows over the last three decades have to be seen to be believed. Over the last few years, Paul and I have put some incredible shows on at Nowheresville, but this one is going to take the cake.

poster-landsape ian (1)
That’s right… Tonight, staring at 6:00 pm, come to NWVSF/PSLY Gallery, 483 14th Street, in San Francisco.

There we will have this retrospective of thirty years of skate and music photography by Bernie including unpublished photos of Steve Caballero, Neil Blender, Matt Hensley, Mike Vallely, Tod Swank, and Jason Lee, Fugazi, Nirvana, The Dammned, Bad Brains, Die Kreuzen, Tad, Shellac, fIREHOSE, The Make Up, Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu, and more;
Secondly, on hand will be a very limited run of signed Paisley Skates slick bottom decks to commemorate the show;
Please feel free to swing by, drink some beer, and take a gander at Bernie’s comprehensive never before seen body of work.

Also, in the event that we have any decks left, and perchance you are interested, yet live well outside of the Bay Area, they will be made available on the Paisley site in the coming weeks.

Time will tell if Mr. McGinn will have any or all of the photos available for sale (to people outside of the area) as well. Certainly as those details develop, I’ll post up information here.

Lastly, at the 11th hour, Sean Cliver posted up this interview with Bernie over on the Gorilla Flicks website.

You like apples?

So unless you’re a cute little squirrel doing the splits between to flowers, it’s going to be a grand fiasco that you’re nearly 100% not going to want to miss.

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