Haven’t we been here before?

It seems like just a week ago I was lamenting the fact that my studio had gotten totally flooded leaving me with not only a real soggy few days, but little time with which to write a proper post.

Oh, wait… That was a week ago.

And yet here we are again today in that exact same predicament;

Indeed, the Bay Area has gotten a fair amount of rain in recent days. Reports in the North Bay have come in saying they’ve gotten as much as 7″ in a single day.

Ahem… That’s what she said.

So yeah, I’m back to my old tricks of sweeping, vacuuming, and saying tons of bad words all in a row.

What makes this storm front even radder, is when I was in Portland a couple of weeks ago, somebody swiped my rain jacket from the bar. It’s all good though. I suspect that they probably needed it more than I do. Thankfully I know people who know people, and I was able to swing some sort of industry deal on a new one which cost me approximately more money than I have.

But when the skies are crying, you almost can’t put a price on being warm and dry.

One way we can guarantee being nearly both at the same time is to simply stay inside and engage in 2017’s AHTBM Model Building Nerd Off number two;

The thought of doing this again had crossed my mind time or two recently, but no specific fires had been lit until I happened into a hobby store this weekend and again began looking across the myriad of model cars.

I then began to think about how much fun I actually had doing this last year, and some of the amazing submissions that came in.

Following that, I reflected on the fact that last year’s winner had texted me a photo of two planes he’d just bought for himself, which means all of the rest of us might have a fighting chance.

For those who don’t recall, this was his;

This masterpiece was built by none other than KB from Portland’s Cat Six Cycles. Really, once everyone’s efforts were submitted, we were all just chasing second place.

Anyway, if this is a thing that you’d like to do, we have until the last day of February. The winner will not only get bragging rights for the year, but they’ll get a box of random AHTBM merch as well. Is that worth exchanging a hundred hours of your life for? Probably not, but at least you’ll end up with a kick ass model you can put in your shelf and dust once a year, or at the very least pack with fire crackers and blow up, and that ain’t not nothin’.

From cross-eyed nerdery, we’ll now move on to one of the final announcements I’ll make regarding the imminent closure of the current t-shirt of the month order window.

For those who are interested, we have just one week to get in on the new one;

Place an order now, or forever hold you pee.

Ordinarily I place the order with the screen printer on the 25th of each month, but with the holidays swiftly approaching, that plan will most likely get jammed up a bit.

If you happen to want one after that date, get ahold of me and see where we’re at with it. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try to accommodate folks the best I can.

Now, with all of that said, and our personal deterioration at the forefront of our brains, we’ll take a quick dip into the mail bag with a contact from everyone’s dear friend, (or depending on where he is in his alcohol consumption, sworn enemy), Maestro Chevil Knevil;


I saw this the other day;
Evil Cheesey: One of Boulder’s most colorful and notorious citizens’;

Hail Satan-

Jaw, meet floor.

Having grown up not far from Boulder, way back before it took cyclocross or documenting every goddamned rainbow that happens there on social media seriously, it came as quite a shock that I hadn’t heard of Evil before now.

With a little bit of hunting and clicking, I came across a smidge more information about the documentary;

No word on where the film makers are currently in the project, as the Kickstarter campaign is dated 2014.

I look forward to seeing the finished project, whenever that might occur.

It’s like Groundhog Day, but instead of a cyclical repeat of today, it’s a curious glimpse into an inevitible future.

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3 Responses to “Haven’t we been here before?”

  1. Dballz December 19, 2016 at 8:29 am #

    I feel for ya regarding the basement issues. I had a terrible run-in with flooding when we moved in to our just bought (old) house. Had to throw down for a sump pump/French drain combo. It was worth every penny.

  2. Eric December 20, 2016 at 10:02 am #

    Flooded basements suck big time. I’m not sure what your building codes are like down there in sunny Cal-i-forn-i-eh regrading perimeter drains are but it looks to me like you you have yourself a perimeter drain issue. Now up here on Vancouver Island where it rains 400 days a year and if one were to stand still too long one will end up with moss growing on one’s self perimeter drains and flooded basements are a major problem.

    Have you brought in a professional to look at for a cause of the flooding yet?

    • Stevil December 20, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

      It’s on the ever-lengthening to-do list.