New day, new dollar.

On Monday I mentioned my relationship, and recent exchange with musician, and all around great guy Will Johnson, so it makes for an easy transition to include a tour update he texted me from the road;

Sparks, Nevada. 6:40 pm;

Sparks, Nevada, 7:10 pm;

Most moves in this place seem lateral, at best.

If there was any doubt that we’re cut from the exact same cloth, this one simple correspondence should put them to rest.

Jumping on from good times in Sparks, to better times in LA, Hoss came though with a link for a documentary I’d only been clued on during its production. It seems as though now at long last, and thanks to Rewire for the scoop, PBS’s ‘Ovarian Psycos’ is now available for consumption;

So, something occurred to me as I was watching this, and conjuring what words to apply along side of it. I’ll preface this by saying that ‘something’ is a glaringly obvious fact for anyone who is not a white man in America, so bear with me.

I’m beginning to understand via observation of the world around me, and through interactions and exchanges I see friends and acquaintances have, that a movement like this would be seen as a threat by some men. This is something that is such a profoundly bizarre concept to me that I could have never even begun to conjure it on my own. This also would explain why it’s taken me this long to recognize it.

For only a moment, and to my core, the fact makes me sad, but that sadness is quickly squashed by the inspiration and support I feel for Ovarian Psycos, FWOD, and other similar clubs, as I stand with a fist raised in quiet and unflinching solidarity.

In other news of women doing badass stuff, I got a shout from Katie from New Pharaoh regarding some goings on in her camp, as well as a new project she’s currently got a fire under;

Yo Black Market Stevil*** hows it going?

I wondered if you might share this link to my Kickstarter campaign on your blog? Have a look and let me know what you think;

I hope you like it.


I generally shy away from promoting crowd sourcing campaigns on the site unless they’re for raising money to feed hungry school children, or to help messengers who’ve lost everything they own in a house fire (two I’ve promoted that I can recall off the top of my head) but I like Katie, and appreciate the effort she puts into her business on top of making her living on the road, so I’ll make an exception.

If the New Pharaoh Commuter Backpack strikes that particular bag nerd nerve in your body, throw some scratch at it.

And while the topic of messengers working hard to make the world a more bag-heavy place is fresh in the war zone that is my brain, I’ll take a moment to remind you that Corndog up there at Seattle’s Dank Bags not only makes a really bitchin bag, but his easy bread and butter that don’t have an extended turn around of course are his world class cüzies.

Better yet, you can get a year long subscription wherein you get one cüzie a month for twelve to thirteen months. They can be all 12s, 16s, or a combination of both depending on if you give him dealer’s choice.

I’ve done it, and though I’ m quite happy with the decision, my life partner claims I have a problem;

These are but a selection of a few of my favorites. There are piles more set aside, which begs to question- do I really need more cüzies than I have hands?

Of course the answer to the question is of course.

Finally, and while we’re discussing cool people making cool stuff, in closing I’m going to throw up a video Henrique Arnaldo de Melo e Silva sent me that I used for this past Saturday’s ‘One For The Weekend’, but it’s so good, I feel like it needs its own spot in a post;

All Hail Laura.

To quote the guy from Robocop with bad teeth, and a shiny forehead, “I’d buy that for a dollar“.

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2 Responses to “New day, new dollar.”

  1. Trama March 29, 2017 at 1:21 pm #

    I’m reading this at work listening to trump speak at a Women’s Empowerment Panel. I’m in need of a ride and some beer.

  2. Sue March 30, 2017 at 8:58 am #

    Wow! Where to begin? Bag nerd/cuzie nerd? You come by it naturally. Not threatened by strong women? In fact, you CELEBRATE them. You come by that naturally, too! Good genes; good man. I applaud you!