Warm like a fuzzy mother’s embrace.

Firstly, I’ve had quite enough with current events for the time being, so please forgive me if I focus on none of them today.

Secondly, and speaking of fuzzy mothers- have any of yinz heard about the baby Koala who clung to his mother during the entirety of her life saving operation?;

Why, I do believe there are some sneaky onion cutting ninjas lurking around here.

Now then- I’ve been dropping hints about the meat of today’s post for months, but the time to finally pull the trigger on it is now, so when you finally conclude saying ‘aaawwwwww‘ to the opening photo/story, I encourage you to read on.

The short version of the backstory is that not so long ago I came into possession of four rolls of the unbelievably comfy Merino wool we previously used for the wildly popular Swobo Trad jerseys. I have two rolls of black, and two rolls of burgundy, and for my initial outing in the labyrinth of clothing manufacturing, I’ve decided to give an inital run of black AHTBM branded long sleeved jerseys a go.

Before I get into the piece’s details themselves, an important point to note is that the wool comes from sheep in New Zealand, who are humanely raised, carefully cared for and sheered, and live their lives here;

Captain Furry Knuckle himself at one point even wrote a bit about the wool, as well as where it originates;

On the sole merit of the Merino wool we use, it would be worth writing about. seriously, this new mutant superwool is amazing shit in terms of staying warm, wicking, breathing, and not being stinky. Wool tends to get overlooked when talking about tech fabric, and that is a shame, since it can kick the living tar out of most of the synthetic tech stuff. So that’s point one.

Point two would be: locally sewn, and ethically grown. Aside from being a rad tech fabric, wool is a renewable resource, and the New Zealand merino wool we’re using comes from sheep that are massaged every day and sung to sleep at night by a chorus of virgins.

Okay, maybe not, but they are pretty well treated sheep. The fabric comes from New Zealand, and the garments are sewn right here in California.

Additionally, these are a unisex cut. As long as you have one neck, one torso, no more than two arms, and rest in a vessel somewhere between small and XL, these should fit you. Due to limited material, I have to cap this order at 80 jerseys total. If the demand is high, I will do an eventual second run of the burgundy, but once the black is done, it’s done forever.

Details are as follows- The KVLT logo will be embroidered on the left breast and right cuff in an unassuming matching shade of (none more) black;

The fit of the piece is traditional, with a 11.5″ YKK zipper;

And three reenforced rear pockets where if you stash enough stuff, might eventually obscure your saggy drawers;

I’ve had two weeks monkeying around with a sample, and I love it dearly. It’s my sincere hope that you will as well;

So with all of that being said, from today, to the 15th of September, I’m opening a four week order window (or until the aforementioned 80 jerseys are spoken for).

From that point, manufacturing (at a sew shop not four miles from my house) will take in the neighborhood of an additional four weeks, with shipping to take place towards the end of October.

Pull the trigger now, or pull the trigger later, but for the love of all that is good and right, don’t try to pull it after the fact, because you’ll get nothing but a mouth full of fuzz, and that’s not gonna keep anybody warm.

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  1. suede August 16, 2017 at 10:27 pm #

    Holding out for burgundy, hopefully you’ll stitch Ron on the inside of the collar.