Catching up.

Due to cosmic forces these last three or so weeks I’ve been dragging my proverbial heels a bit. I recognize this, and today I will try and pick up the pace.

Going back a few weeks, I received an email from Katy The Quiet Storm regarding some hi-jinx in which she was involved, at that Trex CX Cup thing a couple of weeks ago.

Because I’m a big fan of hi-jinx, I asked for her to elaborate on just exactly what they got in to, and she responded like so;


In the final hour (or rather, on the final day) before the CX Cup and World Cup Waterloo races, a group of exceptionally handsome people built a secret bar, tucked away in the woods on the edge of the course;

Photo courtesy, Nathan Schneeberger.

The location was on a slight hill, which slowed down the racers and made for better cheering and jeering. The ground in front of the bar was terraced with a few logs and a little earth moving, and a magnificent structure of pallets and a few scrap boards was erected and decorated in the style of the Pinterest movement. In true secret fort fashion, everything was schlepped up the hill or across the course. DJ equipment, speakers, coolers, water, beverages, noise makers; all made their way up via volunteers;

Friday’s dry run was pretty chill, peopled mostly with employees and the lucky few who had stumbled upon it. Throughout the weekend a disco ball and water cooler were added, and by Sunday the place was rockin’, the specially-downloaded rave horn was raving, and the bar was slinging beverages at an impressive rate. Celebrities such as Gary Fisher and Daan Soete stopped by, to the delight of patrons;

All told, the level of tomfoolery was just right, and the handsome people agreed that the spirit of the much beloved ‘08 WI CX scene had been successfully channeled.


Many folks might not remember back to the mountain bike world cup in Napa back in 1996, at which we initiated the first ’50 Yards of Hell’. Then, about ten years later I did it again at a Pilarcitos race in San Francisco. In comparison to Katy’s bar, we were the equivalent of cave people drawing stick figures and flinging our own poo, which depending on who you ask, was more or less exactly what we were doing.

This is why I appreciate Katy, and her steez. With grace, she makes awesome things happen and brings people together, all the while being being a subversive.

We could all take a page from her book.

And speaking of both subversive and awesome things, I got a holler from Travis of Paul Component Engineering and a heads up regarding the upcoming Pauloween cross race;

Hey holmes!

Here’s the info on This year’s PAULoween if you feel like sharing:

Would love to see you up for it!


Do you remember the photos Zack Cunningham shot at last year’s Pauloween?

Then assuming you might possibly live with a couple of hours of Chico, why on Dog’s green earth wouldn’t you want to be present? Unfortunately for me, I will be well out of town that weekend, so once again I will have to live vicariously.

Moving on from ways to kill time outside as the weather becomes frightful, to ways you can do it inside, with an email from Eric of Portland Design Works;


Thought your readers might enjoy this-

Thoughts And Prayers Game.


It took me a couple of rounds to get the hang of it, but I actually ended up being really good.

I think I might be cut out for politicaling.

Lastly, before we part ways until the next time, I’ll include a correspondence from Cranpa of FBM Bikes, and a little teaser as to what the FBM family has been up to;



New Vid Trailer= world premiere next week, live bands, Friday the 13th AND my Birthday, then a pallet ramp fiasco with Mat Hoffman on Saturday, you book a flight yet?

Get Stoked!


Cranpa never disappoints.

And to answer his rhetorical question, book a flight I have not.

But if I start walking today, and with the aforementioned dragging heels propelling me, I’m sure to get there eventually.

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2 Responses to “Catching up.”

  1. pedalman October 9, 2017 at 6:43 am #

    Cranpa’s not the only one who never disappoints. Thanks Stevil

  2. Colin M October 9, 2017 at 8:48 am #

    Keep CX fun. BTW USACycling still sucks even with all the turnover.