Stop this crazy thing.

Here we go again, with another whirlwind departure, and notification that over the course of the coming week, I’ll get new posts up as I can.

The first part of my upcoming travels was initially going to be a simple affair to head to San Diego to meet up with Sir Campagnolo, Mr. Dan Large in order to see my all time favorite band of all time, Rocket From The Crypt;

It was to be a mellow affair, where he, his wife and I would have a few drinks, catch up on our respective lives and times, go to the show where I would dance so hard I’d sweat through my pants, only to ultimately return home where I’d have a post up here by Monday.

But then the curveball got thrown.

I’m not even sure how much I’m at liberty to say, but the short version is that from San Diego, I will then be taking a train to Santa Ana where I have been invited as a guest of honor to a place where I will do a thing that is well beyond any distinction I have yet to know within the realm of my life as a pseudo bikecycle journalist.

Within a year’s time, I know the lid will be blown off of said thing, but for now, all I can say is absolutely zip.

Anyway, that (not) being said, I’ll post up what I can, when I can, and should be back to my desk by Friday the 10th, though to be fair, that day I will be sideways handling a personal item or two, as well as polishing the final bits of our upcoming show, which I’ll remind you about now.

For folks who might have an interest, on the 10th of November, Paul from Paisley Skates and I have yet another beer fueled art show going down (throwing up) that all who would like to attend, is welcome to;

On hand will be libations courtesy of Pabst, and a random assortment of Scooby snacks from Chrome Industries.

Once that’s concluded, two days later we’ll then celebrate the fact that the smoke has finally cleared from the recent round of wild fires, and plan to once again attempt a ride and potluck in honor of our dearly departed friend Leroy Zampa;

All are welcome to bring some food and good vibes, and spend the day bathing in the love of a truly unique community.

And speaking of which, it only occurred to me a few days ago that with all of the stuff that’s been on my plate recently, I plum spaced out on planning this year’s fourth annual Hairnet Ride;

Assuming I can actually get to a place in the next couple of weeks where I can find at least part of my own ass with either of my hands, I’ll crank out a flyer and a route, and we can make good on keeping it a yearly event.

Finally, I would like to mention a recent occurrence that I’ve mentioned in other arms of the AHTBM web presence that has leveled me flat.

A few folks might recall this past spring when I traveled to Encinitas to meet up with an enigma named Garry Scott Davis, where I took his old typewriter off of his hands;

Photo courtesy of Embry Rucker.

Upon returning home, I wrote a story about the exchange which I then typed out with said machine, and turned into a fanzine;

Well, after a totally insane series of events that’s too long to detail here, it was just on Wednesday morning when I received word from two principals at Washington DC’s Smithsonian Institute that they wanted to include the zine in their collection.

No shit.

Something I made is going to be included in the Smithsonian

That’s so totally bananas I can’t even soak it in.

If by chance you missed the zine and would like to read the story, it’s also included in issue number 200 of Dirtrag Magazine.

So as you can imagine, I’m far drunker, naked, and fist-pumpier than normal.

You know? With that in mind, I have to make an amendment on today’s post title… I take it back. Don’t stop this crazy thing. If things keep going like this, I’m wiling to ride it until the wheels come off.

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5 Responses to “Stop this crazy thing.”

  1. Sue November 3, 2017 at 8:05 am #

    Your junior high counselor got it SO wrong! Good going, Son!

  2. Aaron D.C. Edge November 3, 2017 at 9:41 am #

    Congrats man, crazy and awesome news!

  3. Trama November 3, 2017 at 11:52 am #

    Keep riding! Keep writing till those wheels come off!

  4. PinFish November 3, 2017 at 12:59 pm #

    I like hearing about good stuff coming your way. Well deserved too. I was thinking about the distinct lack of any similar bike- / skate- / art- / culture comradeship here, but it’s due to people like you putting the effort in. You’ve inspired me to be more active in that locally, so this is me somewhat vaguely committing to doing something….
    Also – any thoughts on a re-print of the machine zine?

  5. The Judge November 6, 2017 at 5:12 pm #

    Congrats well deserved. Now let your head swell and blow up. Figuratively.