A stand alone post.

Get it? Stand alone?

I’ll bet that guy down there doesn’t have any friends.

Most of the always I have an array of jibber jabber here in each post, and by ‘array’ I mean a standard three or four topics which generally have nothing to do with each other.

Sometimes if I’m feeling a little light in the brain I’ll have two, and I’ll spread the word around so it seems like there’s more content here, and then occasionally I’ll just have one item here for your consideration. More often than not this is when it’s a topic that is of great importance that I’m attempting to get folk’s full attention to.

Today I just have one thing, but it’s not because it’s especially important, but mostly because it’s a matter that the clock is ticking on.

So, tomorrow is the last day you can get in on the current pre-order of them Worship Satan, Respect Women Ts and hoodies;

After this run, I’m not going to do them again, because I have my irons in a few other fires- (not the least of which is a hat project I mentioned back in April, which is taking fracking for-ever).

-As well as the current batch of Wizard Staff arm warmers;

-Oh, and there may or may not be these coming down the pipe;

With that in mind, it’s real easy to get in the queue. Go to the store, pick which one you want (and remember, if you want an XS or XXL in anything, or a women’s cut in the T, just make a note in the ‘notes’ window when your order, and I’ll handle the rest.)

Then, all you gotta do is wait, and eventually, your goods will come to your mailbox.

Another important point is that a portion of the proceeds with be donated to RAINN, because they do real good work.

So get one for yourself, get one for a friend, or just spread the word to folks who might be interested, because if you miss the boat this time, you’ll actually, and in real life, be standing alone.

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