Down for at least part of the count.

This here photo is of my friend young Einstein after eating too much candy, and I can currently relate only in that after working solid for the last two weeks, all I want to do is lie down on the ground with a washcloth on my face.

Alas, the donuts gotta get made, and if I don’t do it, it ain’t gonna get done so here we are.

And as long as nobody asked, the temporary moonlighting employment thing is going swimmingly. Having a regular and guaranteed paycheck for the first time in nine years has been an unexpectedly fresh breath of air. Not always wondering if or when the next freelance gig/payment is coming in feels really good, and has offered me a fair bit of manueverability in terms of new product, and being to pay for it outright, as opposed to doing a pre-order, or nickel and dime-ing my vendors in order to get whatever the product in question is. Truth be told, that has provided a fair bit more stress than I ever previously realized, and while it does kinda stretch one’s patience to work a thirteen hour day, I’m not complaining, much.

I’ve had worse jobs, and for now if I can direct some of that dough into this here site, and perhaps even a bit of health insurance, or even savings, I’ll take it.

At this juncture, I suppose we’ll get into a few matters that don’t, just on account of that’s what we do.

Firstly, some people kinda got their panties in a bunch regarding last week’s perspective on e-scooters.

In light of this, I was inspired to conjure up a sweet tattoo idea;

I made my feelings pretty clear, and I was hit up by a few people who claim that the companies who foisted their schlock upon cities far and wide were actually allies in the effort to make cities more sustainable for cyclists, and pedestrians.

Like my mom always said, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s just that yours is stupid.

But I’m willing to watch and see how this plays out. Me thinking they’re dumb blight ridden by clueless yahoos isn’t going to make them go away. If I had that kind of power, I would zap the big orange fart cloud straight to the bottom of the sea, and then finish up with a Trans Am and a purple hat for myself.

In other news, we’ll dip into the mailbag and get cracking with a correspondence from Robert;


Best driver’s name in all motor sports, the clip below is pure comedy platinum and will crush your inner 12 year old.


Oh my god, how am I just learning about Jack now?

Next year I wanna build wizard staffs with him.

Another person who is potentially developmentally arrested is ol’ Cranpa from FBM, who came through with some news about an upcoming hodown that reads like so;

SK Whats up!?

A quick update- we have set the date for the year end finals for the DIY Worlds at Powers Bike Shop on Saturday October 20th- we will be hosting a special BYO version (bring your own, build your own) ramp event that will have prizes for best ramp, we will also be building some new features;

Hosting best trick, high air, live music, food, gambling, on site screen printing and more!!!

Today’s news- we uploaded a new FBM Video;

This is the latest Latest DIY Worlds video from the Boyley jam;

If you could spread the word on any and all the above, we would be stoked!


That Cranpa- Not only does he build bikes, and ride bikes, and spread the gospel of both, but he somehow finds the time to organize and host parties celebrating all of it. Bless his caffeinated heart. If by chance, you yourself happen to know where the hell Hospital road is, mark the date and then eventually make your way to the fiasco. There is a 93.7% chance you won’t be sorry.

At least not like you would if you got blown out after eating all the candy.

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2 Responses to “Down for at least part of the count.”

  1. TeamSlyMpls September 4, 2018 at 7:05 am #

    It seems to me with your newly actualized revenue you could procure a Honda Civic Type R RC car. Then using your artistic skills you could transform that RC car into a Jack Goff replica racer allowing you to enter a world where you create your own Jack Goff commentary anytime time you would like.

  2. Benjamin Bunny September 4, 2018 at 7:24 pm #

    These donuts sustain me during the week.
    Keep fucking around.