A loving embrace.

With the world an ever devolving swirl of chaos and unpleasantness, a good old fashion hug (virtual or otherwise) might be just what the doctor ordered.

Now I don’t kid myself into thinking that it’s gonna fix everything, but it certainly can’t hurt. That’s what I hope these (used-to-be thrice a week, and now days twice a week) missives are seen as. It’s my way of spreading a little bit of love, or happiness, or perhaps even occasionally, awareness from my naked lady box to yours.

Having said that, can I mention real quickly that I just got a new batch of real nice woven patches in stock, which no matter how many people complain to Voler, will never get pulled from my shelves?

I ham-fistedly sewed mine right smack dab on my battle vest’s mange because I’d run out of room everywhere else, so take my sewing skills with a grain of salt.

If yours are similarly clumsy, please note that they come with a high quality iron-onable backing that will work in a pinch.

I’m proud of these and am glad to finally have them included in the collection of merch.

So hey now- Did yinzers hear that Mark Weir recently nearly bought the farm?;

Holy kee-rap, that’s some scary stuff. A number of years ago I went to see a specialty blood doctor in Henderson, Nevada and just by looking at a tiny drop of my blood under a microscope was able to tell me (among other things) that I was on a fast track to a coronary. For six months I cut out processed sugar, and supplemented with a plant enzyme. Upon returning for my follow up, my blood was good, the cholesterol plaque was gone, and I resumed abusing my body as normal. It just goes to show that no matter how fit you are, (or in my case, aren’t really), we’re all subject to the random forces of nature.

For his and his family’s sake, I’m glad Mark figured his stuff out before it was too late. He is a good fella, and the world is a better place with him in it.

Moving on from that thing, to another thing- I’d like to note that the Sultan of Style- The Preacher of Panache- The King of Curbs himself, Mr. John Lucero just this weekend celebrated his 54th birthday;

Granted, this video is a decade old, but his shenanigans remains exactly the same.

In tribute to the OG, I skipped off for a breakfast session with Quiggle where he documented a couple of the few stunts I have in my quiver;

It was a little bit before this photo was taken that I attempted to kick a pebble out of the way, stuffed my foot into the ground and somehow broke the pinkie toe on my left foot.

What I lack in skill, I more than make up for in injury.

While rollerboarding isn’t a new thing in my life, it was just over five years ago when I began playing on one with any consistency again, ultimately inspiring this post.

It’s become a vital component in my existence, and I feel fortunate to have the physical fortitude to continue doing it at any capacity at all.

Finally, and relating to that, I would like to remind any and/or all who are interested that this coming weekend is the official re-scheduled Cher Strauberry deck release at ye olde curb spot;

As we’ve done for deck launches in the past, this time round I won’t have food available, and if I can swing a beer sponsor, we’ll have drinks. Otherwise I might just walk my broken ass down to the liq and pick up supplies myself.

Feel free to come by and join in on the revelry, even if you don’t want to ride a board yourself. The more will be the merrier, and coming together to celebrate such a diverse community, and more specifically, the incredible human being that is Cher, will be all unto itself, the best kind of hug I can think of;

Photo by A Klass.

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3 Responses to “A loving embrace.”

  1. El Gato December 4, 2018 at 8:06 am #

    “What I lack in skill, I more than make up for in injury.”

    Next shirt of the month please.

  2. Nived December 4, 2018 at 1:14 pm #

    Rolling on all fours has sure changed my outlook on things, #curbsandcoping,,

  3. gripsgirl December 4, 2018 at 2:03 pm #

    Hugs back atcha! So then, workin at the airport we sometimes come across celebrities n what not. Last night was chit chattin with some coworkers n they were sayin who they would freak out over. Chris Pratt..blah blah blah… and I went blank. I guess it would still be Tommy Lee or Joan Jett now that I’ve had more time to think about it. However, I almost said- u guys ever hear of Stevil..ya know…All hail the black market? Anyway, prepare yourself for a real life hug n a selfie if I happen to see u come into Seattle ok? Ok. 🙂 #celebritystatus