All Aboard.

Let’s go anywhere but the current news cycle.

We’ve got some vast, un-politically related seas to explore, some yacht rock to listen to, and little use for a compass.

Firstly, I have to verify that everyone here knows the term ‘yacht rock’, as I came to find out a month or two ago that my delightful shirt model Kait had not;

-Which prompted me to teach her straight away.

This isn’t the best example, but it’s pretty good;

I even felt compelled to buy Kait a captain’s hat.

Anyway, all of this is to say hit play, and let the smooth jams massage your soul as we get into today’s effort.

As long as we’re on the topic of shirts, I’ll mention two things. One, that despite the fact I asked anyone who wanted a WSRW shirt to order one before I closed the order window, I got now fewer than three texts over the weekend asking if they could get one of this size, or one of that size, which besides telling me I need to get less flaky friends, that I needed to tack a few additional sizes on my order.

So, if you’re a flake, or if you’ve been in a two week coma, or perhaps both, and you’d like a shirt, I have you covered just as soon as the order lands.

The second thing I’d like to mention is that I still have small batch of the other shirts I’ve made as well, being the one Kait was wearing.

-And the one Christopher Friedman designed for me;

They make good holiday gifts, or in a pinch can me rolled up and stuffed under a door to keep the room from getting drafty.

Having covered this stuff, let’s get into some business from the Paul Component camp. Over the last couple of weeks, he’s been yammering pretty hard about some kind of International Single Speed Day happening on November 2nd, which I think was yesterday. It was also his birthday, so that makes sense.

Personally, I always kinda wanted it to be on January 18th, but never felt terribly inclined to pursue the effort, so here we are;

Anyway, Paul had Amanda (who also shares the birth date) pen a description of how she came to find herself in a relationship with the shiftless, which was considerably longer than anything I’ve ever had in a single post, so If you’d like, I have it available here.

Like most of us, Amanda’s story involves falling headlong into a pile of questionable decisions, that lead her to a love affair with one speed mountain bikes. Perhaps we were all destined to find ourselves here, among the detritus of bicycle world, as we grunt and sweat our way into an infamy of our own design.

Many thanks and happy returns to both Paul and Amanda, and to the rest of us who might eschew all of the technological wonders, for something more stupid.

Certainly for my part, I went out and got achy for a spell, just because I wouldn’t very well be able to retain my distinguished title of 1999’s 25th fastest one speeder in the world if I were to just lounge around and rest on my laurels, now could I?

Granted, my Mondays these days seem to be filled with an overload of crap that I don’t have time to handle throughout the rest of the week, so between addressing a dribble of freelance writing gigs, therapy because my mental health is a mess, art commissions, writing today’s post, paying bills, organizing receipts, etc. etc. etc., I was at least able to get out aboard my one speed Blue Collar cross bike (which I first introduced here) and I gave my knees and back a little bit of whatfor;

It was nice to get out and remember back to the olden days, at just how much pain I put myself in for some semblance of fleeting glory.

Anyhü- Because it was Paul’s cockamamy idea to begin with, it seems only right to show off the aforementioned bike’s Paul bits and pieces;

I do so hope that in the midst of our world either growing darker, or brighter, if even for a short time, you too took the opportunity to throw a leg over a cursed beast such as this, and set your sights out across the great, open yonder.

Fingers crossed that no compass should have been necessary.

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  1. Devin Curran November 9, 2020 at 4:27 pm #

    Single Speeding is A Thing.