Here just in time for my closeup.

Man, it’s such a trip how much shit absolutely falls sideways between one post to the next. Last week I thought I might go ahead and wish everyone a happy holiday and some dumb honky went and blew up Nashville. Then, I felt like maybe swinging through here today and offer up the standard array of jibber jabber, but noooo. Captain Fartcloud Mc Tinyhands had to go ahead and make a phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State, and once again prove that the word ‘treason’ means about as much as ‘flibbertyfloo’, or ‘yankdangula’. I mean, a day doesn’t go by without some calamity, and I frankly don’t have the bandwidth to comment on, or even register them all.

I suppose for now, I’ll corral my random social commentary to the AHTBM Twitter account (which Zoltron from Sticker Robot first pressured me to open), so for anyone who hates my Twitter feed, he’s as much to blame as I am.

Having said all of that, let’s get cracking on some business matters. Firstly, as I said last week, I have a spanking new batch of patches, and pins in the store right now;

Not only that, but over the weekend, I got a brand new shipment of cycling caps hand crafted by Dave from Atomic Cycle Works. He is a real, live retired messenger, and he makes the best caps this side of Heaven;

I have a fair batch on hand now, but I doubt they’ll last for long. If you’d like to get your head into one, all you gotta do is click here, and being the savvy business person I am, I’ll do the rest.

I get a number of inquiries about what size peanut these caps fit, and so far I’ve not found a soul who complained about them being too big, or too small. Dave (like Chuey before him) has a magical talent of making a hat that fit ever shape dome. If that’s not a gift unto itself, I couldn’t tell you what was.

Now then, in this region as of late, we’ve seen the last few days be a bit soggier than they’ve been for a spell. (I’m not complaining, mind you- It just forces me to make new kinds of fun than playing in a parking lot or rolling around in the woods by myself). With this in mind, the other day I opted to take a tip from Squid Bikes, Fat Cat, and Strawfoot (the latter two of which I’ve engaged in these shenanigans in association with, which if you care to read about can be found here;

and here);

-and organized myself a little type of scavenger hunt sort of thing.

First, I assembled an assortment of stuff that 99.9% of the population wouldn’t care a whisper about;

And then I wrapped it up in a Tyvek envelope;

And as the heavens intermittently cried, I stuffed it into my jersey, and embarked on a ride during which I hunted for a perfect spot. It couldn’t be too obvious, yet I didn’t want it to be too difficult to find, or mistaken for a bomb, and I wanted for the person to find it to appreciate it, and maybe not immediately throw it away.

Ultimately, I finally found a little cubby in an alley way where I stashed it, hidden from the rain, and perhaps the prying eyes of those who might not care either way. I posted a hint on the Instagrams, and let ‘er rip.

It wasn’t too terribly long before East Bay Mobile Bike Repair shot up a digital flair to let me know they found the loot. I’m interested in doing more of these in the coming months in other locations, so for any or all who are interested, keep your eyes peeled to the socials. It promises to almost be a good time.

Finally, I’d like to share a couple of photos that a photographer called Josh Becker sent on to me;

These of course feature the voter WSRW jersey that caused the big kerfuffle a couple of years ago, but then amounted to nothing, because pearl clutches like the sound of their own voices more than actually doing anything of value.

Anyway, I appreciate josh’s contact, and his effort behind the lens

At this juncture, I’m afraid I gotta pull the plug on today’s effort. I realize it aint much, but some days I have more in the tank than others. I’m sure you understand.

And with that, I thank you, Mr. DeMille.

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