Like a bullet from a gun.

Having mostly finally rid my body of the aforementioned illness, the clock has been ticking on some various tasks and chores that I was too incapacitated to to address. Thankfully the phlegmy clouds cleared and I got cracking with quickness.

The most pressing items as of late was that postponed Fat Cat Easter egg thing that I kinda blew last week;

Luckily for everybody, Danny Boy and his muse Megan came over to play and we got after the task at hand in style;

I’d first like to note that Danny Boy, Megan, and I all got to know one another initially back in the ’90s when we were all bicycle messengers. At one point while riding up one of the million hills we traversed, it occurred to me that collectively, we’ve all known one another for over sixty years.

Danny Boy I suppose you mighta first met in this post back in 2014, when he rode perhaps the oldest bike ever to descend the famed trails of Downiville;

Then again more completely when he broke the holy hell out of his arm;

Megan I don’t believe you have, save for this post, and her stint as a t-shirt model;

Anyway, we got after it and to the best of our abilities, did Fat Cat’s bidding;

After arriving at the tippiest top part of the ride, I then climbed a dew-slicked tree and used a trusty toe strap to secure the loot;

And after I cracked a can of beer, we continued on our way;

As we sat on the rock strewn descent fixing a flat, we crossed paths with not one, but two groups of treasure hunters. I remained tight lipped, and after slapping hands with all, and wishing them good luck, we continued on our way, and concluded our day.

Luckily one of the two groups sounded the alert that they had found the goods, and a celebration was had by most.

In conclusion, thanks to Fat Cat, my co-conspirators Danny Boy and Megan, and most importantly, everyone who took time out of their weekends to play along.

Let’s never do that again until we do.

Moving on to some business-ie types of business, RoseMary from Portland Design Works came through with some info about an upcoming trail work day;

Hey Hey!

Long time no talk. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and you’re recovering from winter. It was my first year back north after 3 years of living in Southern California, and good god did it do a number on me. No amount of full spectrum light or caffeine seemed to save me some days.

Needless to say I am VERY excited to see a week of sunshine in our forecast here. In celebration of the sun making it’s return to us here in the PNW, and to help get some trails ready for the season ahead, next Saturday, May 4th, we are teaming up with the fine folks at Northwest Trail Alliance for a good old fashioned trail work party out at Stub Stewart!

Our extremely cheerful flyer is attached here for you in case you feel so inclined to tell folks about it. And here’s the link with all the pertinent information.

I’m bummed we couldn’t swing Sea Otter this year, I am yet to actually meet you in real life. I very much look forward to that day!!

Thank you Stevil!


If you ride dirt bikes in the Portland area, make a note, and get cracking. Be your own best trail steward, and allow the good people from PDW to help facilitate it. They’re good like that.

Finally, and in closing, I have a query I’d like an assist with.

Does anyone recall back in February when I tore my heart out and placed it on my sleeve for all the world to see/mock/take a bite of/etc?

If you’d like a recap, I have it here, here, here, and here. They were by far the most exposing pieces I’ve ever written, and a concept I’ve not fully concluded wrestling with.

Well, as the days have passed, I’ve decided that the time has come for me to get out of dodge for a couple of months. I’ve been saving my money at every possible turn, and in doing so, began reflecting more and more on that day back in 1997 at the Mammoth Nationals mountain bike race when I first laid eyes on one of them Four Wheel Camper pop-up jobs;

I wanted nothing more than to load up my cat, and a little drawing table into my truck (none of which I actually had at the time), and hit the road. After 25 years of fantasizing, at long last I think I’m gonna actually get this project underway in just about a month’s time.

Even considering one of the gutted models, those campers don’t come cheap, so worse case, I’ll simply do it under the protective canopy of my existing hard shell, but I tell you what- The idea of getting to change my pants standing up is one that at this stage practically makes me salivate.

If anyone reading these words is any position to assist me in this journey, I’d be much obliged. Or perhaps one could think about it this way- If each person who reads this site contributed one dollar, I’d be in tall cotton. Five dollars? Even better. I’m just trying to retain what semblance of my sanity that I can. I hate to ask for help, but after managing this site for a decade, believe it or not, I don’t have much in the way of fluid finances.

So if there is a person, or perhaps people who could maybe help me realize this vision, it’s with boundless appreciation that I’d be out of here faster than a bullet from a gun.

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4 Responses to “Like a bullet from a gun.”

  1. doubt April 30, 2019 at 8:40 am #

    If a reader would like to support your pop-up camper dream what would be the best way to send buck$?

    • Stevil April 30, 2019 at 8:57 am #

      Drop a nickel in my tin can as you pass, or Pay Pal, or a bag full of cash with a big dollar sign printed on the side, deposited under a bridge, or best of all, buy stuff from my store so I don’t feel like such a scumbag freeloader.

  2. Colin M May 1, 2019 at 1:23 pm #

    Your going to pay extra for the status symbol of “four wheel camper”. Check out this similar item.

    Welcome to camper life, your going to get consumed by the options. You’ll eventually have to get a bigger truck because the options for little Toyotas gets pretty slim quickly. I think that is what you drive right?

  3. FAT CAT May 6, 2019 at 10:27 am #

    Thanks for helping out! Glad you got to hang out with DB and Megan too!