A bike blog post about bikes.

Mostly, anyway.

Happy third fourth week of July, 2023.

Before we get into whatever the meat of today’s effort, I would like to show off the hole I brought up in this post.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t boast about a hole in the earth made by my own hands, but in this instance, I think it’s warranted.

How it looked after one day of jackhammering;

-And how it looks currently;

How does this relate to bikes you might be asking? Only in the way that after I finished, I could barely hold onto the handlebars of mine.

Now we wait for concrete guys to do their thing, followed by inspectors doing theirs, and then we’ll get back to framing it out which I’m actually looking forward to. For those who’ve asked, the ADA requires the building owner to build the infrastructure for an elevator. We don’t actually have to put one in, mind you. We just have to build the shaft. Certainly it makes no sense, but bureaucracy’s gonna bureaucracize.

That’s showbiz, baby.

In other news which you might or might not have picked from from the ‘Gram, I recently had the opportunity to see punk rock super heroes The Adolescents;

I was thinking about Seeing The Dickies last fall, and how even though these dudes are in their late 50s, early to mid 60s, they still sound so goddamned good.

As I have for ’68 and The Schizophonics, (here and here if you wish), I asked bassist, and friend Brad Logan (who replaced Steve Soto after his passing in 2018) the only WYR I could think of off the top of my head which is whether he’d rather listen to the worst genre of music he could think of (contemporary country), or have tastebuds in his butthole.

Answering that he would prefer the latter, he looked like this;

Which is exactly how I would expect someone to look when posed with that question.

Though on further thought, it also could have been because I’d just presented him with an envelope full of stickers on which I wrote ‘Sluggo (hearts) Stevil’, which is an inside joke stemming from a photo I texted to him of me loving on his beloved grey puff last fall while he was on tour in Europe;

But being a cat whisperer, the fuzzy buddies all like me.

Now, at this juncture I should probably recognize the irony in today’s post title because I don’t have much in the way of bike stuff ever, let alone condensed in one post.

I will make note however that a brand new exhibition all about custom made bicycle (ala NAHBS) is occurring in one month’s time in Portland called MADE;

Will it be a huge circle jerk/meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society®™©? Will there be internet famous people with beards? Will some people arrive in their $100,000 Broverland vehicles? Will we see shiny examples of ‘just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be’?;

All is likely, yes, but there will also be some really nice examples of small shop fabrication and problem solving, which besides seeing a few friends from around the way, is always my favorite part about these shows.

If it’s agreeable to you, I suggest you get your tickets/book your flight/whatever now.

Now, would you like to look at a real prime example of art that doesn’t suck? If you checked the yes box, then get a load of Pat Perry;

Boy, he socks dingers with every single effort, and is currently one of my favorites.

Now in closing, I will ask you a rhetorical question- Would you like a new episode of Revolting also mostly all about bikes?

Of course you would.

It gave me a rash to do it, but we have just that thing right here, right now;

We started on bikes, and ended on bikes.

Mostly, anyway.

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