“Locked but mostly loaded.”

A fatback log and other random musings.

We will kick off today’s post with an email from Cory. Cory makes Dank messengers bags as well as astroturf cüzies, cüzies for 40s, and of course my beloved ‘Beernet helmet’, depicted below resting atop the head of one M. Case;


Dirt, ho.

You know.. Like “dirt ahead”.. Not like a misspelled “dirt whore” although I suppose that would be applicable as well.

Just another manic Friday.

As has been happening all over the world recently, teams are meeting up in exotic locations to engage in their annual Spring training camps. Just like every year around this time, I too have joined forces with my team, resulting in long days in the saddle.
ahtbmbike team 4-25-06.jpg