“Locked but mostly loaded.”

The beer hand down is a go.

Possibly the world’s first beer hand down occurred this past weekend and it went off without a hitch..
Since I have no photographic evidence of the event, you will have to rely on your imagination.
If your imagination doesn’t work, then you should simply refer to the drawing I just did;

Power in numbers.

You know, as I was in the middle of my race on Sunday, I took a great deal of comfort in knowing that at that exact same moment, there were people ruining other people’s races all over the country.
Photo by Lindsey.


One for the whatever..

The instructions are simple.
Open up this first one and watch it with the sound down, while simultaneously opening the second and using it as a sound track.
Of course with the remainder of the soundtrack please feel free to don a sailors cap, surround yourself with scantily clad women and run around the room in circles after them.

I am a human soft serve machine.

And I just keep turning out the hits. The title really has nothing to do with today’s post, but considering the fact that it just came to me, I’ll use it anyway.
Word has come down that the cyclocross illuminati has dug its boney fingers just a little bit deeper into the world that we love so much.


The Gran Fondo, was the Gran Nondo, but I’ll write about it anyway.

I recently was presented the opportunity to attend and report back on this past Saturday’s Levi Leipenheimer Gran Fondo ride through the rolling hills of Santa Rosa, California. Initially I thought it was Levi’s Gran Fondue ride, and I was like, “Hell yeah, I’ll go”, but then when I learned that it would entail far more miles of bike riding than melted cheese and chocolate, I promptly found an easy way out.
Photo credit Charles Phoenix.