Circling back to the start.


Feel free to handle the maze in your spare time;
does it
It’s quite possible that a gasoline soaked rag will get that off in a jiffy.

Now that we’ve concluded the saga that was Portland and all of the confusion therein, we have a standard array of bull garbage to get through, so take your right sock off and relax while we do.

Firstly we have a few odds and ends from the mail bag, the first being from the ever diligent Cranpa of FBM, which are the initials for either ‘Fat Bald Men‘, or if you wish, ‘Flinging Burritos Maniacally‘;

Back Alley Bikes. You would dig this shop.


Apparently like its Seattle counterpart, I like any shop called Back Alley.

And though the shenanigans that occur in Seattle are generally far less conducive to compound fractures, (though not completely out of the realm of possibility), the spirit remains the same.

Not relating to Cranpa’s offering in the least, Handsome AK got in touch with his own world view, which may or may not confuse;


Driving down the street, and getting a little freaked out;
ChildlessBoys (1)
-Yours in whatever,

So the thing that I immediately wondered was if Jesus was going to be there, or if He was a component to the weekend, or if ‘Jesus’ was simply what they expected people to unconsciously mutter under their breath when they saw the banner.

I’m guessing it was probably the latter.

Conversely, Tom made with the contact regarding some serendipity from the other side of the proverbial coin;


Might this be the best steak ever?
memorial 2016 008 (1)
Its grilling season. I’m pretty sure I got the best steak ever.


When the price is right, the price is right. And I think it’s safe to assume that Tom most likely ate his purchase raw.

In business related news- Since I was gone for the 25th of May, and they probably don’t have wifi in Portland, I didn’t change up the last t-shirt of the month club offering until just after I got back into town. So like the good procrastinators that a bunch of you are, you wanted until the fifteenth hour before ordering. Really, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Just the same, at noon on Monday I yoinked the last shirt out of availability, and promptly posted up the new one;
It turns out I will be on the road again on the 25th of this month as well, so there again will be a little bit of flexibility on the deadline. Or maybe there won’t be. Who knows where I will be at that time, and/or if there will be a library with a computer that I can use. As I’ve said many times however, if you want one, you should order one. If you don’t want one, you should not order one. And if you want one and don’t order one, tough shit. It’s really quite simple.

As always, I thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Finally, we’re just two weeks away from this;
The entry and associated raffle for which can potentially net you these;
If those weren’t enough, just like last year, there are a ton of prizes thanks to the many dozens of sponsors the organizers have secured.

Raffle tickets can be bought by anybody, anywhere, and winners don’t have to be present. As I said right about this time a year ago, all money raised from the raffle and entry goes to help fuzzy buddies at Sac County Dogs, and Chako Pitbull Rescue;

And any remaining questions about any of this can be answered with a snippet of text I poached from last year;

In an effort to expand our reach and allow for those who are not able to attend the event to participate in the raffle, we have set up a PayPal account for online ticket purchase. Tickets are $5 each and 100% of the proceeds are going directly to CHAKO PIT BULL RESCUE AND ADVOCACY GROUP & Sac County Dogs, all event set up and execution costs are being covered by BLUE COLLAR, our sponsors, friends and families.

To purchase raffle tickets, send payment via PayPal to bluecollarbikes916 (at) gmail (dot) com, select the “friends & family” option (free to both parties) and fill in your full name, email address & phone # in the “add a note field”. Within 24hrs we will send you a response via email confirming your purchase, and a list of your ticket numbers.

Good people helping good animals? I’m totally into it.

Incidentally, all of the aforementioned jibberjabber coincides with this;
Which may (or hopefully may not) see a result like this;
gross copy
Photo courtesy Earl Harper Studios.

Rest assured, if such an occurrence does come to pass, unless you’re planning on setting the whole unsavory seen on fire, no amount of gas-soaked rags will help.

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    That last image will be seared into my brain forever. Jesus….

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    get those nude models some beer and sandwiches!