Hey bud, let’s party.

We are the masters of our own destiny.

We subscribe to no doctrine other than our own.

We are a people with no gods and no masters.

And if we want to party on Monday, then we will party on Monday.

This means a quick keg stand, and then we’ll get straight into business.

Firstly, we’ll circle around to this post in which I described an invitational skateboard contest/jam in memory of a legendary fella named P-Stone;

Well, not only has Thrasher Magazine assembled a photo gallery, (my favorite from which is this shot of Royce and Grosso);

Incidentally, Royce you might recall meeting in this post looking like this;

He’s one of those people who are good at stuff.

I hate those kinds of people.

Anyway, Thrasher has also put together a video of the event in its entirety, if you feel so inclined to watch;

I feel compelled to mention (mostly because it’s been a life-long goal), I finally ended up appearing in some form in the annals of Thrasher;

My mom must be so proud.

With that bit of nonsense handled, let us move on to other, more pressing topics.

Because this year’s Nerd Off kinda fell flat, I opted to forgo the whole poll shenanigans until next year, and asked folks to just submit their preferences in the comments, or to email them to me directly.

I want to thank the six hearty souls who braved the glue and paint fumes again this year. I feel like a dick for not stepping up as well, but sometimes life gets in the way, and for me, this year it not only got in the way, but beat me all the way up a long flight of stairs, and when we finally got to the top, turned around and pushed me back down all of them again.

I don’t begrudge life for the smackdown, as I know that comes with the territory, but I do feel slightly ashamed that I couldn’t even show up for my own competition.

Anyway, so as to not keep folks on the edge of their pants, I now proudly present the winner of the third annual Nerd-Off, Mr. Ken Prosser;

I’m happy for Ken, because he’s hit it pretty hard the last few years, (check out past years here and here) and has always found himself just a stone’s throw from the top block.

So congratulations to Ken, and I once again thank all the folks who turned in submissions this year.

In news of getting good mail from good people, I have a couple of friends who work for New Belgium out there in North Carolina named Ross and Jen. Jen I feel like I met at Interbike a whole bunch of years ago, and Ross I then met through Jen, a handful of years later. They’re both super nice folks- A point that was definitively proven when I received the following recent correspondence from Ross;

Holy crap.

I mean, holy crap.

I mean, what!?

If you wanna be forever tucked into my heart/good graces, send me a letter like that.

Good gravy, I was touched to the center of my soul and back again.

Not just that, but the fact that a giant like New Belgium would even kinda acknowledge our ridiculous holiday is staggering.

Hearing from Ross and Jen totally made my day, and I appreciate his efforts in reaching out.

And speaking of WSATU, though the countdown timer on this site says that as of right now, we have eleven weeks until go time, by my count, there are actually about thirteen. Perhaps the timer got balled up when the great Server Meltdown of 2018 happened. It doesn’t really matter.

What does is that there are a shit ton of Saturdays in June this year, and though we’ve always had it on the third Saturday, I decided that for the sake of consistency, we’d one again have it on the 23rd;

We’ve been doing this for eight years?


What a bunch of dicks.

But at least we know how to party.

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2 Responses to “Hey bud, let’s party.”

  1. Nived March 26, 2018 at 1:23 pm #

    Pstone For Ever..

  2. Mat O March 27, 2018 at 12:06 pm #

    Kinda neat, I met Ross/Jen randomly one afternoon at Beer Rev in Oakland right before I moved to OR. Rad kids. Glad to see the universe has made the world smaller again.