Rise and shine.

Good day to you. Say, did you read Wednesday’s post? It was great! The best post! Really great!

You know a thing I realized the other day? In comparison to our European brethren, this American country is a baby. Well, it’s no longer a baby, really. Now it’s turned into a moody asshole of a teenager, with bad skin, and gas, and body odor, and when it brushes its teeth, it leaves the toothpaste spit, and bits of food sitting in the bathroom sink, and then screams that nobody understands them before storming out of the room and slamming the door repeatedly when you mention it to them.

As I see it, this is our country in a nutshell, and it wouldn’t be so bad were it not for the fact that it also has a closet full of guns.

Anyway, that’s my weekly insight on the state of the nation. Now we can get onto other matters.

As of today we have eighteen days for you and yours to get me photos of your submissions for the second annual model building Nerd Off;

Besides bragging rights and a box of random AHTBM merch, the winner will walk away with one of my extrememly limited edition, and long out of production Smokey and The Bandit replica woolies;

Take photos and email them to me at stevil(at)allhailtheblackmarket(dot)com.

As hard as it is for me to believe I have to say it-

1) if you don’t do those things

2) you’re not in the running.

So stop your lallygagging and get on it.

Moving on to bikecycle related goings on, my tall Kiwi born, Canadian living friend Caleb from Kona Brand Bikecyle Company made with the contact regarding getting all adventure-ie and stuff;

Yo Stevil,

Post as much or as little of this as you deem fit.


With their Kona Wozos packed with camping gear, the two adventurers set out on an all day ride through the Irish countryside and the Slieve Aughty mountain range, a night of camping, and a solid trail ride at one of their favorite locations outside the three-pub town of Mountshannon;

William’s words, and the accompanying video, convey an honest and uplifting story that touches on authentic experience and human connection – a perfect escape from the everyday;

In response to Tall Caleb and his directive, I say I DEEM ALL OF THAT FIT.

If I have to deal with one more day of rain and/or a flooded studio, I have the right mind to get out on some kinda adventure like that of my own, and never come home.

I got to play around on a Wozo a little bit at last summer’s Kona Camp- (part one, part two, part three, and a partially related part four if you care for a revisit).

It’s one half Wo, and one half Honzo, the end product being a full serving of radness.

As a matter of fact, I just confirmed my return to this summer’s Kona Camp (I believe marking my eight launch with them), and look forward to doing at least one skid, and perhaps if time allows, a couple of wheelies aboard one.

Unless I blow my eardrum out in a swimming pool related accident again, in which case, I’ll just goof around in the woods/at the bar and take photos.

Another person who’s not a stranger to either swimming pool horseplay or taking photos is the esteemed Cranpa of FBM Bikes. He reached out with a couple of matters recently for our consideration. One being an email that reads as follows;


Check this out and let me know what you think;

Any help spreading the word would be cool, still wanna take a bike trip, you can chug budweisers, i’ll take experimental drugs, and photos…

Hope all is well my friend, do something cool today to offset the incoming regime of awfulawfeulness.

– cranman

I support all of those things. The Hunter Gatherer project just goes to show that (wo)man cannot live on BMX bikes alone.

I reckon more information about these bikes will be coming down the pipe directly, but if you’d like more, hit FBM up directly. I’m sure they’d be happy to assist.

The other thing he sent was a moving picture which adequately describes what was going on in the header photo that graced this very site not two weeks ago;
Sometimes when it rains, you gotta play inside.

The benefits to this range from always being in close proximity to everything from a bathroom sink in case you need to spontaneously brush your teeth, to quesadilla ingredients, and most importantly, hot sauce;

And kinda speaking of hot sauce, those who’ve been around the site a while might remember back when I made a sticker that had a little bit of fun at my favorite brand’s expense;

Needless to say, I got in a little bit of hot water for those shenanigans and can no longer make them. But I did note recently that the company in question has made available some very comfy looking sweatshirts.

I mean, I suppose if a person bought one and maybe took it to their screen printer, there would be no harm in that;

I’m not saying that a person should.

I’m just saying that they could.

Lastly, and circling back around to bikecycle adventures, the face, head, and mouthpiece named Jeff behind the much beloved All City Cycles brand reached out with some news regarding that very thing;


peep this
This is our fun take on the way too serious genre of touring videos… If you expected slow pans, voice-overs romanticizing “suffering,” and overly moody guitar folk then you’ve come to the wrong place. We like to party.

Here’s the blog post, and a full video drops 2/20!


Two immediate points I’d like to make about this video aside from looking forward to the full edit is that besides being fully capable to spending time in public in his underwear;

-as near as I can tell by the accompanying audio track, Minneapolis messenger to the stars, SK can apparently hold his own behind a mic as well.

I thank Jeff for his time and consideration in keeping us up to speed with All City’s world.

And it’s with those words I’ll now close by making note that partaking in any or all of the aforementioned activities and accommodations will certainly result in a soul more adequately soothed than doing just about anything aside from perhaps, peeling out in the mud on a row of tents.

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  1. Trama February 10, 2017 at 1:20 pm #

    Never ridden nor rode ona them rad fatty bikes, but dang that’s a craplot of tire to still have suspension.

  2. Devin Curran February 11, 2017 at 6:01 am #

    Rolling Revolution